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A Dog Made You Vegan...?

Hi friends,

As you can probably tell by the name of this post today, I'm going to write about how my dog made me go vegan! If you have read our "In The Veganning" blog than you know I originally got interested in veganism, because my husband and I were trying for a baby.

But also my sweet pups.

How could I love them so dearly and yet hurt another animal? The more I thought about it, the more I felt ashamed. I couldn't imagine ever hurting my babies, more or less hurting another animal.

Everyday I watch them change and develop more of a personality and couldn't imagine thinking about eating another animal with similar or higher intelligence.

Every time I step on a puppy paw, I cry. The sad sounds they make or the screams. I couldn't imagine hearing that multiple times a day and watching any animal die.

The mere thought of losing my babies, even though it will be several years from now, causes so much pain for me. Why would I want to have animals killed for my pleasure?

I started to think about this more and more. The thoughts of eating meat at my dinner table with my puppies at my feet made me lose an appetite.

I couldn't settle for vegetarian....

How is not eating just meat helping animals? It's not. They are still stuck in captivity producing large amounts over the normal limits. Red Jungle hens should naturally only lay 10 to 15 eggs a year. Do you think that would make Cal-Maine enough money? Nope. They have these hens laying over 300 a year.

Like what? Don't get me started on cows...

So if you have a dog/cat/etc. right now, look into there eyes and make a decision...can you cut out eating animals and animal byproducts for them?

Enjoy every "lentil" thing,


Co-Founder of HERbivore

P.S. Look at this sweetness! 👇🏼

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