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Zoe's Story:

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am the co-founder of HERbivore. We are a lifestyle blog and social media presences that bring all around healthy living to you. I became concerned about my health when my husband and I began discussing making some big changes to our life...we wanted to begin trying for a baby.

I knew to get pregnant; I would have to make some big choices to make sure we can conceive and also keep a healthy pregnancy. So I began researching all about plant-based lifestyle and about removing the toxins from our home. I quickly learned all about how much a plant based diet and clearing out your cleaning, skin, and makeup products could affect your hormones and overall well being. So I decided to start this journey and almost immediately felt so much better. Energy was up. Skin was glowing. My husband was constantly sick before this, and now is healthier than ever. But...

As a vegan and "non-toxic" person in a harsh world, I quickly felt the push back from my family, friends (except Catherine!), and even my husband. I believe most of the disapproval lies in the fact that they do not understand what living plant-based could do for your health, emotions, and if anyone is curious YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.

So I started a blog and social media presence to meet people like you. The curious. The already vegans. The long-timers.

If you have more questions about vegannism or non-toxic living, please reach out to me at! I'd love to help you through this transition and journey.

Catherine's Story:

Hello! My name is Catherine and I am the co-founder of HERbivore. My decision to transition to a vegan lifestyle is unique and actually quite short. To put it simply, I wanted to support my best friend, Zoe, so that she wasn't alone in this whole "vegan thing".

I made the decision about four months ago, when Zoe had taken me to Viridescent Cafe and Bakery, a local vegan eatery. We split some (delicious) supreme nachos and all I could say was "Wow! If all vegan food tastes like this, I'm in!" The rest of dinner was spent inquiring on what a plan-based diet and vegan lifestyle looked like and how it has affected her personally. Seeing and hearing the benefits she had encountered, I decided that I would make the transition!

I spent the next two or three days searching for recipes, shopping for some new groceries, and simply educating myself on what I would expect and need to focus on during my transition. The first week was hard, I will say. I currently live in a multi-generational home, filled to the brim with non-vegans. This has made my transition difficult to say the least. There is constantly animal products in the home and I would be lying if I said it wasn't and isn't tempting to give in so I can join in on what everyone else is eating. But I have to remind myself how good I feel when I eat a whole food plant-based diet. Have I slipped up? Of course, I am human. I am still learning and finding my way through this lifestyle.

What started as a means to support a friend has developed into a way of living I have taken on as my own. As I educate myself more, I also see a need to lead a less toxic life. I have twin toddlers who have sensitive skin (just like their mom).

I am excited to see this transition into a healthier lifestyle unfold and am so excited that Zoe and I are allowing you all to take a peek into our lives and allow us to share our experiences! I hope you can find our journey educational or relatable. We are so excited to share what we have learned with you!

Enjoy the "lentil" things,

The HERbivores

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