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Juice Cleanses... Are They Worth It?

It isn't uncommon to see a new product out there claiming to "detoxify" your body. Diet culture is always coming up with new ways to "get healthy fast" and "lose weight quick", but do they really work? I have recently been exposed to the juice scene, and I have seen so many testimonials regarding the benefits of a juice cleanse, and that they claim to give your body a kind of "reset".

At Salubrious Juice and more in Frisco, Texas, they offer a one, three, and five-day juice cleanse. This cleanse claims to help clients:

  • Lose up to about 5 pounds in 3 days

  • Increase energy levels

  • Increase focus

  • Simply feel/look better and healthier

When I first began my vegan journey, I was focusing on whole foods, eating big bowls of salad, drinking nutrient dense smoothies, and so on. I was in the best shape of my life that first month! The desire for convenience took over, however, and that, with a combination of vegan junk food exposure (however delicious!) alongside the quarantine situation that we have encountered, I began to gain weight exponentially! I have been eating more junk than ever and have been experiencing an insatiable craving for sugary foods. I have also had less energy and less control over my desire to eat junk foods. Most importantly, I just have not felt my best and have been unhappy with the way I have looked these last few weeks.

I love Salubrious and know for a fact that they provide organic, healthy and delicious products, so when I began to read up on their juice cleanse, I believed that they truly could provide a unique opportunity for me to be able to start over, in a sense. So I have decided to purchase the three-day juice cleanse, in hopes that they provide to me what their testimonials have claimed.

What do I hope to get out of this cleanse personally?

Well, I definitely want to shed some of this quarantine weight. Can you blame me? I also hope that a focus on nutrient-dense juices allow me to curb my strong desire for refined, sugary treats. With this, I hope to kind of "reset" my brain and body, in a sense, so that I can transition back into a more whole foods plant-based diet once again and have less of a desire to consume highly processed foods than I do now. I want my skin to clear and, lastly, to simply just feel better than I have the last few weeks.

So follow along my experience and get the raw truth about these juice cleanses!

**This is not sponsored, so all opinions stated in this post are my true and honest thoughts.

The night before, I take Salubrious's Black Elixir, which is a sour lemon tasting beverage with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is basically an ingredient that should help things move through my system rather quickly (in simple and gritty terms, it will probably make me poop).

I am excited to see what comes of these next three days.

Day 1

I begin my morning weighing in at 130.2 lb As this is in a healthy weight range, it is not the weight I have been accustomed to.

*Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with this number on the scale! Please do not compare your weight and your body journey to mine! I am simply stating the facts about my weight and how I personally feel about it due to what I have experienced personally. Keep in mind, I am 5'4". Also, it is simply not my normal to be at this weight. My personal normal is usually between 117-122 lbs, also healthy for my height and lifestyle.)

Upon weighing myself I get ready for my day as the usual and begin to follow the rough schedule given to me in which to take my juices.

As someone who is not a cucumber person, the Oh My Greens Juice was difficult to drink, as I have never been a big fan of cucumber. The Ashwaghanda shot was intimidating, due to its potent ingredients, but was a lot easier to swallow than expected, and was actually enjoyable. Lovely Red was an earthy taste I was not accustomed to, but I believe overtime, I will come to enjoy it. I will be honest, the wheat grass was hard to swallow. And the final juice, the Mean Greens, was pretty, but it was a lot of cucumber. It had a sweetness to it that made it more pleasant to drink.

Check out the breakdown of these juices here!

I felt pretty good most of the day, then 4 pm hit. I felt a bit of a headache coming on, so I took the recommended hemp seed, which helped a bit, but I still felt a tad weak and sluggish the remainder of the day. Granted, it is expected that I would feel this way, as this is meant to shock my body.

And I pooped... a lot... enough said. I probably lost my expected 5 pounds already!

Day 2

I woke up feeling extremely tired, even after sleeping in. I checked my weight and saw that I was 127.8. I was in shock. Almost 3 pounds down in one day? I could hardly believe it!

The flavors of the juices are beginning to grow on me. I bet by tomorrow I can look forward to these juices even more.

I would be lying if I didn't say I was lethargic most of the day today, but hopefully with some rest I will have more energy and focus tomorrow.

Day 3

This morning I weighed in at 126.4. Almost 4 pounds down? Wow! I feel more energetic than I did yesterday, which leads me to believe my body is finally getting more used to this.

The 3 days have actually moved by incredibly fast and I am almost surprised that I am almost done with this juice cleanse.

Another thing that has shocked me is the fact that I am not craving sweet foods that I normally like cookies and brownies, as well as other junk foods like pizza. Surprisingly enough, when I am off of this cleanse, I want to eat some healthier whole foods. I am rather surprised that I am craving those foods, but thankful as that will hopefully keep me on track following this juice cleanse.

I think my primary concern is that I am going to gain all of this weight back immediately following the cleanse, which I hope I don't.

Concluding Thoughts

Following the cleanse and my first meal following, I weighed in for the last time at 127. I had gained about a half a pound. I was a tad disappointed, however I honestly thought I would gain it all back as soon as I ate, so I was still generally pleased. I had also lost a full inch and a half on my waist, which was also surprising! But I am less bloated, I honestly have more energy following the cleanse and I truly do feel great. Now that I have juice fasted for so long, it makes me want to be more careful as to what I put into my body, which was the mindset I was hoping to have set by the end.

Would I recommend this to someone? I do think it's a quick way to shed maybe the last little bit you need for possibly an even or kick start your weight loss journey. It definitely made me think harder about what I was allowing in my body, and sweets that I loved surprisingly are now a little too sweet for me, and I really do desire them less! I am shocked by that the most.

If someone were to try this out, I would recommend that they find someone to keep them motivated and cheer them on during it. The second day was definitely the hardest and I honestly did not want to keep going, even though the third day was probably the best day. I would also recommend doing it during a time where you can rest a lot and you do not need to be on your feet, as this cleanse does shock your body and too much exertion can create problems such as light-headedness.

Would I do this again? That truly is a great question. I think if I were to do it again, it would possibly be around the holidays, when all that holiday weight starts to come in. Would I make this a regular thing though? Not really, but maybe once in a blue moon for special occasions and following the holidays.

I really hope you found this helpful in your juice cleanse research. I think it is important to give your raw opinion on things like these. You never know if testimonials have been fabricated or not. I can tell you right now that this one is not a fabricated or sponsored testimonial. This is my genuine opinion and, in my opinion, this juice cleanse was a success!

If you are interested in trying out the juice cleanse for yourself, check out Salubrious Juice (where I got my cleanse) for their 1, 3, and 5 day cleanses here!

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