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Let's Talk about Essential Oils...

Hi friends,

Disclaimer: This is not a blog post to convince you to believe what I believe. This blog post is just how I feel about oils, and can hopefully help you make a decision about oils for you and your family.

Are you interested in essential oils? Never experienced them yourself? Nervous to spend the money without actually knowing if they work?

Maybe you are curious about where essential oils come from? Or want to learn more to defend why they work for you?

So you probably don't know that I actually studied medicine, viruses, and bacteria in college. I took many years of biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, medication studies, and many more. I love science because there is so much out there to understand. There is so much out there that is fact and that hasn't been discovered.

But...sometimes I believe people use science to make us scared and better yet, to change our minds about what we believe in.

Essential oils are always in the media. Does it actually work? Can they actually affect your mood? Can they really help heal your skin from acne? Can they really provide immune support during a pandemic?

I want to dive into the history and science behind essential oils and why someone who studied medicine uses them in their everyday life.

History of Essential Oils:

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been used to treat medical issues since the Egyptians started this practice in 3500 B.C. At the same time, India and China began adding herbs and aromatherapy to there medical practices as well.

Oils have been around for a long time not to do anything...ya know what I mean?

It popped back up during the Roman empire and began making it's way into Greek medical practices. And stayed in practice through the Dark Ages! Thankfully a lot of the plants and oils have anti-bacterial and anti-pesticide properties. You may have heard of the blend called "Thieves" by Young Living. This blend of oils was used towards the end of the Dark Ages when the Black Plague killed millions of people but a handful of thieves, who stole from the sick and vulnerable, never got the deadly virus. They claim this is because of a power blend of plant extracts they put on them to ward off illness, thus the Thieves blend.

Oils persisted through the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance where the greatest physician of all times, Paracelsus, was known to use essential oils and plant exacts to cure leprosy (Hansen's Disease).

Guess what...they continued to be used into the 1900's when a French chemist burned his hand and used the first thing he could find...lavender oil. This not only helped with the pain right away but continued to help heal this hand leaving it with no scar and no infections.

Essential Oils Today:

With today's essential oils, from trusted companies, you are receiving 100% pure essential oils straight to your door. They can truly do anything from even your skin tone and cure acne (stay tuned for a blog post about my 100% home made face cleanser), help boost your mood, facilitate sleep, and provide amazing immune support to you.

There are hundreds of people who have switched household cleaning products, daily practices, and how they treat everyday medical issues in their family to essential oils and oil blends. The practice truly works and can keep your body, house, and family away from toxic cleaners that can cause serious issues to your health and wellbeing.

Join the oily revolution as we change what we allow into our homes, and into our bodies! Try it for a week, and let me know how you feel.

Enjoy the "lentil" things,

Zoe Bigelow

Co-Founder of HERbivores

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