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Updated: May 5, 2020

Hi, and welcome to my first post about the oily life!

I'm so excited to share with you about non-toxic living, my DIY essential oil projects, and the benefits of different oils and blends. But today, I want to tell you about why I chose to use Revive instead of Young Living or doTERRA.

First BIG thing: PRICE!

Revive is a newer oil company that has changed the way you get oils. Instead of being based on a multi-level marketing platform, they cut out the middle man which drops the price on the oils.

If you have ever bought essential oils from Young Living or doTERRA, you know that they are extremely expensive but if you sign up as a member, you get discounts. But honestly, this just loops you into a group of people who wanted you to sell their products because they benefit from you making money.

I love buying from Revive because their is no additional pressure to do anything! Therefore every time I go to their website, I'm not shamed by the "wholesale" price and the "retail" price.

Quality is the same!

The quality is the same as other brands. They are 100% pure unrefined oils! They are also lab tested for the top quality standards. They do not want you bringing anything into your home that is not the best quality for you and your family!

They are ALSO sustainably sourced so they are preserving the resources where the oils are coming from therefore future generations can use them as well. We want our kids to benefit from them, right?

Their products are crafted in the USA, and SHIPPED FOR FREE! Say what? Yes! Shipped for free to your front door! They also are community focused and get their materials from smaller companies, and family owned farms which is sooo important right now.

Cruelty Free:

Do I even need to write anything? They never test on animals and as a vegan and animal lover, this is very important!

Worried you won't find your favorite oil or blend?

I bet you will! See below for the comparison charts!

Go check out their website at

Let me know what you think about Revive essential oils since they can help you save your money, get free shipping, and have all the blends that you would ever want...and MORE!

Enjoy every "lentil" thing,


Co-Founder of the HERbivores

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